The Otaku ladies are a trio of young women struggling to succeed in an increasingly technological society. They appeared first in the graphic novel La plume Japonaise, as extras, but gained an inner life!

Years ago, a freak accident left Pravda confined to a wheelchair. Nevertheless, she became a simulation development specialist. Her expertise is sought after by many IT companies, but she is a consummate geek girl.


Helena, Pravda’s “baby” sister, is a coder and debugging specialist. And she is fiercely committed to look over her sister! She secretly berates herself for her sister’s accident (even if she was not there when it happened).


Medusa, a happy-go-lucky party girl, is a specialist in simulation and networking… networking in the two senses! She is the one testing various games and VR simulations. She is the youngest of the trio, but the more socially outwardly.

The author

The virtual author,  upon finding herself in a manga universe

Michèle is a comic artist often frustrated in events. In a mind-boggling event, her character is plunged in to a VR universe where she is rescued by the Otaku ladies.


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  1. R.Cohen says:

    Wow, nice work. Can’t wait to see more of it.

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